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Default Music Player 1.5

Instant access to their favourite tracks and playlists

Sometimes, keeping it simple is the best strategy. Default Music Player takes this mantra and runs with it, delivering an incredibly streamlined service that lets music fans get instant access to their favourite tracks and playlists, with none of the waiting around and distractions of other streaming services and media players.

It mightn't come loaded with extra features, but at its core, Default Music Players offers a powerful and pared-back solution for those after high quality, reliable playback of their favourite music.

Default Music Player offers an in incredibly simple interface for easy navigation, and lets users easily add new music and content to their device. Make new folders, or edit existing ones to put your music exactly where you want it.

Create playlists or organize albums, and enjoy ready compatibility with a whole host of file types. Wherever you've pulled your music from, you'll be able to sort and play it with ease with this handy music player app.

You'll love the stripped back design, with a modern and minimal theme and track artwork for every song played. Get links to artist info, or discover more track from who you're listening to when you're online and connected to a reliable wireless connection.

Perfect for users who want to prioritize offline play, this app makes the ideal home for already downloaded tracks and bought music files. Rather than get distracted with recommendations and pop ups, this app instead lets you connect straight away with the music you've already sought out and selected, with simple swipe and tap navigation that makes this a great player for listening to while you're on the move.

Great for morning jogs or gym visits, you can create playlists to keep you powering on through the day, or mix it up with shuffle play when you want to rediscover long forgotten classics.

Get connected to others online with a growing community of music lovers, or share your favourite tracks with friends online. It's easy to get synced to your preferred social platforms and profiles, while you can share your composed playlists and newly discovered albums with friends who've also got the app downloaded.

Default Music Player


Default Music Player 1.5

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